1. Code Enforcement

    Discover information on burn permits, city ordinances, and more.

  2. Communications

    The Communications Department directs all communication with citizens, businesses, elected officials and the City Manager's Office regarding government services and projects.

  3. Community Services

    The Public Works Director is responsible for traffic and streets.

  4. Finance

    Look up financial information for the City of Robinson, Texas.

  5. GIS

    Look up GIS information for the City of Robinson.

  6. Human Resources

    Read about your local Human Resources Department and look up current job openings with your local government.

  7. Municipal Court

    Look up docket information and contact information for the Court Clerk.

  8. Parks

    Park facilities such as the pavilion, gazebo and amphitheater are available to rent for events.

  9. Planning & Community Development

    The Building Department is located in the City Hall Building. The City of Robinson Building Official is Tracy Lankford. Mr. Lankford reviews and approves all pre-construction plans and issues all building permits.

  10. Police Department

  11. Public Utility Billing

    Visit the Finance Department to find information on your utility bills.

  12. Utility Systems

    The City of Robinson holds a Texas Water Right to withdraw water from the Brazos River which is stored in an off-channel reservoir on Tinsley, just outside the city limits. From the reservoir, the water is pumped to the adjacent Water Treatment Plant where it receives conventional treatment before entering a reverse osmosis treatment train.

  13. Volunteer Fire Department

    Learn about fire protection in your community!

  14. Wastewater Operations

    The collection system includes gravity sewer mains, lift stations and force mains throughout the City that direct the sewer flow to a master lift station at the lowest elevation in the City.