Tax Information

Ad Valorem Tax Rates - 2008

Entity Taxation Amount per $100 Valuation
McLennan County
Junior College
Robinson ISD
City of Robinson
Total $2.198634
Parts of the City are located in other school districts: Waco ISD $1.359149; Midway ISD $1.32 and Lorena ISD $1.24737.

Property Tax Values

Year Tax Values
2004 $334,720,755
2005 $367,758,820
2006 $419,481,822
2007 $455,346,975
2008 $502,025,947

Sales Tax

Entity Tax Rate
State of Texas
City of Robinson
McLennan County
Total 8.25%
State Franchise Tax
The franchise tax is imposed on all corporations doing business in the state or that are chartered or authorized to do business in the state. It is a tax on the privilege of doing business, measured by net taxable capital and by net taxable earned surplus which are apportioned to Texas. Apportionment is done by using a single gross receipts formula, and allowable deductions apply to both the capital and earned surplus components. The tax rate on net capital assets is 0.25%, or $2.50 per $1,000 of net taxable capital. To compute taxable capital, add the corporation's state capital, as defined by state law, and the corporation's surplus. The tax rate on net earned surplus is 4.5%. Corporations will calculate the franchise taxes due on taxable capital assets and on taxable earned surplus, paying the greater of the two accounts. There is no minimum tax, and no taxes are due on liabilities of less than $100.

Other Taxes
  • No State Corporate Income Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax