Craft and Food Vendor Area and Opportunities

Food Vendor Application

Craft Vendor Application

Vendor Participation Rules and Regulations


Please read application and the Vendor Participation Rules and Regulations thoroughly, rules are enforced and these agreements are binding.  Return all completed forms back with your payment to the address on the previous page.  

  • No Smoking, No Open Flames & No Pets

    – Smoking, open flames & pets are not allowed in the vendor area.
  • Sales Tax

    – Each vendor is responsible for collection, reporting and paying their own sales tax for the items they sell.  You can obtain more information on this by contacting the Texas Comptroller’s office at 800.252.5555. 
  • Eligible Vendors

    - Booths will only be rented for the display and actual sale of arts and crafts, food, and home/small business products. Booths will not be rented for the purpose of promoting off-premise goods or services, product demonstrations related to products not available for direct purchase at the booth, handing out samples of products not available for purchase at the booth, or informational handouts/displays not related to products being sold and delivered directly at the booth. Exception: where a product involves off-site personalization/customization for the buyer (such as monograms, painting decorating, custom-built items, or customized mixtures) booth rental is available for the product as long as samples of the goods (or if one-of-a-kind-similar goods) are available for review by customers at the booth.
  • Non-Vendors

    - only authorized vendors who have rented booth space may offer any product, sample or informational material to attendees, whether by sale or free of charge. 
  • Vendor Responsibilities

    – Booth displays must be setup in a nice, maintained manner, and cannot extend past the space provided in the vendor contract.  Vendor items and/or products in their area may not be displayed in card board boxes and vendors may not work outside of their area.  Vendors are responsible for keeping their areas clean and ensuring all trash is picked up.  Trash receptacles will be located throughout the event grounds.
  • Electricity

    – Electricity is provided at an extra cost. Please note that the electricity provided is a 20 amp circuit and limited spots are available.
  • Booth space

    – Only one vendor per booth space rented.  The vendor contract does not permit you to give, sell, lend, share or otherwise sublet your space to someone else.  Garbage, restrooms and overnight security are included with the vendor space.   Booth space will be limited to a 10’x10’ area; additional space is available for purchase.  Vendor’s personnel and/or staff are not permitted to work outside of their 10'x10' area.  
  • Food Truck Vendor

    - Space size will be limited to 32’ wide. If you have a setup that requires a larger space, you may purchase an additional space. A vendor may, at the discretion of the City, be awarded the exclusive right to sell that product for an additional fee. Food Trucks may be located on a paved street, so canopy stakes MAY NOT BE ALLOWED.  Vehicles may be parked as close to your space as possible beginning at 8:00 am on Saturday, September 30th, if they extend beyond the 32’ space they must be removed by 10:00 am on Saturday, September 30th.  Food truck vendors may NOT breakdown or move equipment until after 11:30 pm or once you are given the clear to do so.  
  • Setup

    – Vendor check in & set up will begin Saturday from 8 am to 10 am.  Setup after 10 am is NOT allowed.  VENDORS MUST BE READY TO GO AND IN THEIR BOOTHS BY 11 am.   We are not responsible for any items that are left unattended during setup.  We will do our best to ensure parking spots are as close to your area as possible for setup, and we will provide golf carts, or other means to help transport items to your area.
  • Tents, tables, and chairs

    – Must be provided by the vendor.  Tables must be covered with a tablecloth and all boxes must be out of sight.     
  • Tear Down

    – Vendors can begin tear down at any time as long as it does not interfere with the festival. It’s important to note that the majority of vendor sales were placed after dark last year, when the larger headlines began to play.  We are not responsible for any items that are left unattended during packing and removal of items.  Vendors are responsible for removing all items from their area and making sure that all trash is picked up and that their area is left clean.  If area is not left clean with all trash picked up there will be a fee charged of $150.
  • Cancellation

    – NO REFUNDS will be given once application and payment has been received and the City of Robinson has accepted it.  Vendor fees will be forfeited if you are unable to attend the event for any reason. Refunds and/or credits will be given if fire, rain, floods, hurricanes, snow, ice, or severe weather and/or unforeseen cause forces cancellation of the event.  
  • Food Vendor

    – If you’re a food vendor you will be required to submit a copy of your current food permit/inspection along with your application.  If you plan on passing out samples you will also need to get a Temporary Food Permit that is required from the McLennan County Health district.  A vendor  may, at the discretion of the City, be awarded the exclusive right to sell that product for an additional fee. Please call 254.709.9976 for permit or with any questions or visit  Vendors in the Food Truck Vendor area may NOT start tear down until 11:30 pm.
  • Beverages

    -the Event Management/City will be the sole beverage vendor at the event for on-site consumption.  Food vendors may not sell beverages for on-site consumption.       
  • Applications

    – please include payment and 1 photograph of your display or products along with payment.  The vendor application form must be signed and approval sent to you by the City of Robinson before contract is in place.  Payment must be submitted with form before the approval process will begin.  Applications must be submitted by 5 pm, Monday, September 25.  The event reserves the right to deny an application or to prefer an application based on the fit of the vendor’s products with the event, to achieve a diversity of vendor products, and/or based the relative quality and uniqueness of the vendor’s products. 
  • Payment

    – The following payments are accepted: cashier checks, money orders, credit cards. There will be a $25 fee accessed for any returned checks and application will be voided.    
The City of Robinson is not responsible for the success or failure of any booth, or any items/products broken, stolen or damaged items before, during or after the event.  We reserve the right to revoke the contract of any vendor who is causing issues with other vendors, staff, or attendees.  Failure to comply with the Vendor Participation Rules and Information could result in disbarment from any and/or all City of Robinson events.  We are dedicated to making this event a success and providing information to the citizens.  We know that you will make the most of the crowd by working your booth efficiently and effectively.