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Posted on: September 1, 2016

Water and Wastewater Increase

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Rates October 1, 2016 to September 30th, 2017: Water Rate: Monthly Base Rate (minimum bill): $46.25 First 10,000 gallons: $4.93 per 1,000 gallons 10,001 gallons and over: $5.18 per 1,000 gallons Monthly bill will be the base rate of $46.25 plus the gallons used for the month. Wastewater Rate: Monthly Base Rate (minimum bill): $41.73 Cost per 1,000 gallons: $.77 Maximum Fee: $44.73 The sewer rate is set by averaging the previous December, January, and February water usage. This average is added to the base rate of $41.73, which will be your monthly bill for the next year. Visit our website for current rates @ 

In 2012, the City, along with our engineers, Walker Partners, developed a multiyear capital improvement plan to address deficiencies and needs within the water and wastewater systems as well as upgrades to the system to encompass the growth the City was experiencing. Many of the deficiencies had been neglected for years. The plan identified and prioritized the projects for each system. To fund these projects, the City Council developed a multiyear rate increase plan to pay for the debt that would be needed to fund these projects as well as cover inflationary costs and operating costs for each system. To date, approximately $3.4 million in water related projects have been completed. These projects include water plant, well and pump station improvements, ground storage tank improvements, and waterline replacements. The City is beginning construction on a new $5.58 million reservoir and pumping system, next to the existing reservoirs, which will ensure the City has adequate water in the future to replace the dropping ground water levels. Additionally, there remains $11.3 million in projects to be completed in the next few years. These include construction of a new elevated storage tank, well improvements and the replacement/upgrade of over 24,000 linear feet of water lines. Completed wastewater projects, totaling just over $1.4 million, include upgrading of a lift station and replacement of several thousand feet of sewer lines. In the very near future we will begin a project that will replace approximately 13,000 linear feet of sewer lines in the Meadowbrook and Fain Estates neighborhoods, totaling just under $2.1 million. There remains about $10.8 million in projects to be completed over the next 6 years which include; upgrades or elimination of lift stations, required contributions to WMARSS (Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewerage System) projects and the replacement of over 30,000 feet of deficient sewer lines. To fund these projects, the City has issued $24,495,000 in debt since 2013. This was in addition to debt previously issued for water and wastewater projects. For the upcoming fiscal year, the City will pay $1,890,516 in water related debt payments and $681,908 in wastewater related debt payments. To cover the payments, 38.8 cents of every dollar paid for water and 33.4 cents of every dollar paid for sewer service, in the upcoming fiscal year, will go to cover the debt payments. Adding up all the projected costs above comes out to just under $34.6 million. So, an additional $10 million will be needed in the upcoming years to complete all of the scheduled projects.

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