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Building Forms

  1. Building Inspection Request

    City of Robinson Building Department Inspection Request Form

  1. City of Robinson Building Permit Application


  1. Hotel/Motel Funding Request

    This form is to request funding for Hotel/Motel funding from the City of Robinson.

General Forms

  1. Board and Commissions Application

    The City of Robinson appreciates your interest in serving the community. A list of the boards and commissions can be found on the... More…

  2. Let Us Know
  3. Logo Contest Submission

    Entrants can use this form to submit designs for the Rocktoberfest Logo Contest.

  4. Request for Public Records
  1. Discontinue Service Request
  2. Livestock Log Information
  3. Police Department - Personal History Statement
  4. Robinson Police Department Compliment/Complaint Form


  1. National Night Out Registration Form

    This form is to register your National Night Out event with the Robinson Police Department. National Night Out is an annual... More…