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Common City Ordinance Violations

In an effort to better educate our residents about our city’s most common ordinance violations, we have provided a list of the top seven offenses. This information is provided for public information purposes only. View the City of Robinson’s Code of Ordinances for a complete description of each ordinance listed below. For questions or additional information, contact our office at (254) 662-1415.

  • Tall Grass, Brush, Weeds, Trash, Debris: Grass should not be higher than 12 inches tall. It shall be unlawful for any person in charge of the premises in the city to allow any of these things to accumulate which may potentially become a health or fire hazard. This includes front and back yards.
  • Open Storage: Properties should not be used for open storage.  Items considered as open storage are ice box, refrigerator, stove, glass, carpet, upholstered furniture, tires, auto parts, building materials, building rubbish or other similar items. It is the responsibility of the property owner or occupant to keep the premises clean and in compliance with code.
  • Signs: No sign shall be placed on or over public right-of-ways or utility poles.
  • Junk and Abandoned Vehicles: A self-propelled motor vehicle located in any place where it is visible from a public place or public right-of-way and has an expired license plate and is
    • Wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or
    • Inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than:
      • Seventy-two consecutive hours, if the vehicle is on public property; or
      • Thirty consecutive days, if the vehicle is on private property
  • Parking in the Yard: Parking or stopping of a vehicle on a residential lot's front or side yard must be on a concrete or asphalt surface. This applies to private property less than five acres in size and used for single-family residential purposes. It does NOT apply to single-family residential properties 5 acres or more. Find the entire ordinance here.

Find other Frequently Addressed Parking Issues here and the ordinances addressing them here.

  • Garage Sale Permit: A garage sale shall not be conducted until the individual desiring to conduct such sale obtains a permit from the city. Members of no more than three residences may join in on one garage sale permit. Apply for a garage sale permit online here.
  • Garage Sale Signs: Only city-issued signs are allowed and must be displayed on the premises where the sale is being held. No more than 4 signs will be issued per sale. The signs can be displayed up to 2 days prior to the beginning of the sale and signs must be removed at the end of daylight on the last day of garage sale activities.
  • Stagnant Water: All premises within the city shall be maintained in such a manner as to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes on the premises. All premises within the city shall be maintained in such a manner as to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes on the premises. Artificial containers, ditches, streams, and all other such sources of standing water or other liquid that serve as breeding sources must be removed, drained, treated, altered, maintained, or otherwise eliminated by the person occupying the premises or, in the absence of an occupant, by the owner, in such a manner as to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.
  • Discharge of Pool Water - Prohibited discharges: No person may discharge or cause to be discharged onto land or into non-sewer waters or any watercourse any of the following substances: Normal domestic wastewater, which is considered pool water. The correct way to drain a pool is into your sewer cleanout.

What happens if you are not in compliance with an ordinance?

The City of Robinson must give written notice of the violation to the permittee or the owner of the property where the violation exists. The city does this by sending a certified letter to the permittee or owner of the property. The permittee or owner has 10 days from the day they receive the letter to take care of the violation. If the violation is corrected during the 10 days no other action will be taken. However, the letter sent regarding the violation of the ordinance is good for one year. If the violation of the same ordinance occurs again it will go straight to court.

Violations not corrected within 10 days will forwarded to City Court where a summons will be issued for the violation. During the summons the offender will plead guilty or not guilty. If the plea is not guilty the judge will set a pre-trial, if the plea is guilty the judge will set a fine.

If an owner cannot be reached by certified letter the city will do its best to handle the issue that is out of compliance, in order to preserve the health and well being of its citizens. This may consist of sign removal, brush removal, or mowing of property. There are fees associated with some of these acts, such as mowing of property. The minimum fine to do so is $200 and may go up depending on other activity completed at the property, such as removal of brush. There will be a fine accessed anytime an act is performed by the city, and liens will be placed against the property if they are not paid.

Need help staying in compliance with city ordinances?

Paint the Town Ministries

Paint the Town Ministries offers help to those who need assistance mowing a yard, removing debris, painting, cleaning out barns, etc. For more information, visit our Community Service webpage.

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