Wastewater Operations

The collection system includes gravity sewer mains, lift stations and force mains throughout the city that direct the sewer flow to a master lift station at the lowest elevation in the city. From that point all effluent is pumped to a regional treatment works operated by the City of Waco under contract with the Cities of Waco, Bellmead, Woodway, Lacy Lakeview, Hewitt, Lorena, and Robinson. The City's contract allocation in the plant ranges from a minimum of 0.4 million gallons per day to a maximum of 1.3 MGD.

Current Flow Average

At present, the average flow is 1.08 MGD, allowing some capacity for growth. Meanwhile, work is underway to add capacity at the central treatment plant and construct a satellite treatment plant south of the city, adding even more room for growth. There are 5 personnel assigned to this function. Major construction work is contracted to the private sector under the supervision of the City Engineers.

Sewer Line Investigation

When? Back in February, Duke's Root Control inspected sewer lines throughout parts of the city, see map below.

Where? The bulk of the work completed was west of HWY 77 and south of Greig. A small portion to the east of HWY 77 was also investigated, the below map has for more detail.

Why? Rainwater was entering our collection system which becomes a problem because it is lessens the capacity for actual wastewater. The purpose of the study was to identify the locations where rainwater was entering our collection system. Once the problem areas were identified, we can now move forward to address the problematic lines and reduce the amount of rainwater flowing to the lift station.

How? Representatives from Dukes placed iTrackers inside of manholes to monitor and record levels within each manhole. Algorithms then converted changes in levels to changes in volume then converted it to flow in gallons per minute. Software then identifies micro basins with the most amount of inflow and infiltration. This aids in determining the locations where rainwater has entered our collection system. The trackers stayed in place around two months in order to gather data before being removed.

What was the conclusion from the testing? Click here to view the results from the study.

Dukes Map (IG)

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing Sewer Lines: The City of Robinson will be conducting a smoke test of its sanitary sewer system beginning the week of October 2nd in response to the data found during the sewer line investigation mentioned above.

Smoke Testing Process

A “SMOKE TEST” survey will assist our inspection crews in locating breaks and defects in our sewer system. The smoke you see coming from the vent stack on the houses or holes in the ground is NON-TOXIC, NON-STAINING, HAS NO ODOR, WHITE TO GRAY IN COLOR AND CREATES NO FIRE HAZARD.

Smoke testing only takes a few hours, and forces smoke-filled air into the sanitary sewer system. Smoke testing is normally done mid-morning and requires the ground to be dry. Rain may delay scheduled testing.

Prior to Smoke Testing

➡️ Door hangers will be distributed to give you information on the smoke testing process and contact information for questions or concerns.

➡️ If anyone in your home or business has breathing problems or is mobility impaired, please call (254) 662-1415 before the wastewater crew begins the smoke testing.

➡️ Smoke should not enter your home or building unless you have defective plumbing or dried-up drain traps. It is advisable for the homeowner to pour a gallon of water into each drain trap of floors, sinks, showers, and tubs prior to our testing.

During Smoke Testing

➡️ You do not need to be home during the testing.

➡️ If smoke enters your home or building there is a good reason to assume that sewer gases may also be entering your home or business. If you are not home and discover smoke when you return, please call the number listed on the door hanger, (254) 662-1415.

➡️ If smoke enters your home or building you should also open a window or turn on a fan in the room where the smoke is present and leave the area for 10 to 15 minutes or until smoke has cleared. The smoke should disappear within a few minutes and leave no residue.

Smoke Testing for Greenbriar Aubrey and Dean

Smoke Testing for Old Robinson W Moonlight and Donlo