Garage Sales


Garage Sale shall mean and include all general sales, open to the public, conducted from or on any property located in any residential zone, as defined by the zoning ordinance, for the purpose of disposing of personal property including but not limited to, all sales entitled garage, lawn, yard, patio, flea market, rummage or estate sale, except the foregoing shall not include a sale of no more than five specific items if all advertisements of such sale specifically name each of those items to be sold.

Personal Property shall mean any property which is owned, utilized and maintained by an individual or members of his or her residence and acquired in the normal course of living in or maintaining a residence. It does not include merchandise which was purchased or acquired for sale or obtained on consignment but does include craft items made in the home, personally produced by the participating individuals involved in the sale.

Residents may NOT conduct a garage sale until a permit has been obtained through the city. Permits are $10 each and can be applied for online here. All permits issued for a garage sale shall be subject to the following restrictions:


  • No more than three households can join together or be represented in the sell of personal property at one garage sale. Exception is for any bona fide tax exempt charitable, eleemosynary, educational, cultural or governmental institutions or organizations are exempted from this requirement when the proceeds from the sale are used directly for the institution's or organization's charitable purposes and the goods or articles are not sold on a consignment basis. 
  • No more than two such permits may be issued to one location and/or address and/or residence and/or family household during any calendar year. (The second sale can NOT begin until at least ten days after the last day of the first sale.) If members of more than one residence join in requesting a permit, then such permit shall be considered as having been issued for each and all such residences. 
  • A copy of the permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place, so as to be seen by the public and representatives of the city, during the time and on the premises where the garage sale is being held. 
  • All applicants must not be persons who hold themselves out as engaging, and do not engage in the business of selling, at retail or at wholesale, the items of personal property for sale at the garage sale. 
  • The garage sale shall be limited in time to no more than the daylight hours of three consecutive days.

Garage Sales are regulated by Chapter 15 Article III. Sec. 15-87 of the Robinson Code Of Ordinances which can also be found here.


  • If a garage sale is not held on the dates for which the permit is issued or is terminated during the first day of the sale because of inclement weather conditions, and an affidavit by the permit holder to this effect is submitted, the city may, but shall not be required, issue another permit to the applicant for a garage sale to be conducted at the same location within 30 days from the date when the first sale was to be held. No additional permit fee is required.
  • A third garage sale shall be permitted in a calendar year if satisfactory proof of a bona fide change in ownership of the real property is first present to the city.


The City Council has adopted rules and regulations governing the number and placement of garage sale signs. 

The following rules apply:

  • Only signs produced by a commercial sign-making establishment may be used to advertise garage sales. The use of handmade signs are prohibited by city ordinance. 
  • No more than 4 signs may be posted for each sale, including any sign or signs in the yard where the sale is being conducted. Off-premises signs may be placed on private property only with the expressed written permission of the owner thereof. No signs shall be placed in the public rights-of-way or upon utility poles.
  • No sign shall be exhibited prior to the day such sale is to commence.
  • Signs must be removed at the end of daylight on the last day of garage sale activities.
  • Each sign shall contain a notation identifying the address of the sale and the permit number.
  • Residents should be aware that the public right-of-way typically extends to about 10 feet behind the curb or to the back of the bar ditch for non-curb-and-gutter streets.
  • If your sale is not held on the date for which the permit is issued or terminated during the first day of the sale due to inclement weather, you may apply for another permit for a sale to be conducted at the same location within 30 days of the original date. The additional permit fee may be waived under certain conditions.

City Issued Yard Signs

The city does provide four (4) four yard signs with each garage sale permit issued. Signs can be picked up from City Hall the week of the garage sale. 

How to Apply for a Garage Sale Permit:

  • Apply Online
    To apply online click "apply online" from above and then either choose the category Garage Sale from the list on the left hand side or scroll down until you find garage sale listed. Once you have selected garage sale you will then either login or create an account. You can also pay online by credit/debit card once you are in the system
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