Solid Waste Service

The City of Robinson contracts with Waste Management to provide solid waste services to city customers. Each customer receives the following services:

Click here for instructions and service requirements in regards to polycart usage. 

Observed Holidays

  • New Years Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

If one of the above holidays falls on a route day, solid waste services will collect the following day and run late for the rest of the week into Saturday. 

Residential Solid Waste Collection

Residential Solid Waste ServicesRates Breakdown
Solid Waste Collected One (1) Time Per Week in One (1) 96 Gal-Polycart, Brush/Bulk (up to 3 cubic yards) picked up at your curb, Recycle collected Every Other Week in One (1) 96 – Gallon Polycart$16.97 per home, per month
"At Your Door Hazardous Waste Collection"$0.96 per home, per month
Franchise and Billing Fee$1.97 per home, per month
Total:$19.90 per home, per month
Additional 96 - Gallon PolyCarts$6.20 per polycart, per home, includes franchise and billing fee 

Commercial Small Solid Waste Collection

Small Commercial Solid Waste ServicesRates Breakdown
Solid Waste Collected in One (1) 96 Gal-Polycart, One (1) Time Per Week $21.89 per cart, per month
5% Franchise and 6% Billing Fee$24.30
*Recycling collection is not included with Small Commercial Waste Collection
*There is a Four (4) cart max. Any solid waste accumulation beyond four (4) carts must move to dumpster service.

Commercial Front Load Dumpster Service

Waste Management handles ALL commercial front load dumpster service accounts. 

Container Size / Type1 X Week2 X Week
3 X Week
4 X Week5 X Week
6 X Week
3 Yard FEL Container$85.84$126.28$183.96$230.50$285.81$370.91
4 Yard FEL Container$95.76$159.83$193.86$247.14$295.06$423.31
6 Yard FEL Container$158.44$264.08$396.69$475.54$555.07$716.00
8 Yard FEL Container$189.05$284.80$409.74$511.82$628.30$850.91

These rates include 5% franchise fee to be remitted to City.

Extra Pick Up:

3YD- $42.76
4YD- $47.87
6YD- $79.20
8YD- $94.53
Lock- $11.74

Waste Management can help you with your container needs.

Commercial Customers Service Department:
If you have questions or issues with residential solid waste services please contact the Utilities Department by email or phone at (254) 662-1415.

Direct Line: 1-800-800-5804 

Email: Email Customer Service

On all emails: Please always give service address and full contact information