Administration Division

The Administration Division provides leadership and guidance for the overall direction of the police department and is responsible for the direction and operations of all the divisions within the Robinson Police Department. The division is responsible for many functions of law enforcement including; budget preparation and oversight, personnel hiring and training, the release of public information, internal affairs investigations, crime analysis, community engagement, and departmental purchasing and acquisitions.

Operations Division

The Operations Division, led by a lieutenant, includes the following areas: Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Property and Evidence, and a combined Special Response Team with members from Hewitt, Woodway, and Robinson, led by a commander. Patrol is responsible for enforcing federal, state, and local laws, as well as investigating crimes, as needed. It is made up of patrol sergeants and officers. The Criminal Investigation area contains a sergeant and detectives and is responsible for investigating crimes, obtaining arrest and search warrants, filing criminal cases and like patrol, working cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies. The Property and Evidence area includes a technician and clerk which are responsible for tracking every piece of evidence, related to a crime, and found property, either lost or abandoned, received by the department.

Support Division

The Support Division is responsible for recruiting and hiring, training, field training oversight, crime prevention, community services, fleet and building maintenance, administrative functions, special events and special projects. The division is led by a lieutenant and supported by a Training/Community Services Officer and an Animal Control Officer. The

Records and Communications Division

The Records and Communications Division is the hub for information within the department. It is responsible for responding to all police public information requests and works closely with municipal court and other divisions of the police department. The division is responsible for maintaining all records for the police department including; offense reports, juvenile reports, and arrest reports. It is also responsible for answering all calls to the police department and dispatching the correct resources, as needed. The Records and Communications Division is led by a manager and made up of a supervisor and four communications officers.

  1. Tracy O'Connor


  2. Kevin DeLillo

    Patrol Sergeant

  3. William Hughes

    Patrol Sergeant

  4. Mike Noel

    Patrol Sergeant

  5. Vincent Otting

    Patrol Sergeant

  6. Melissa Leavelle

    Communications and Records Manager