Bulk/Brush Day

  • Bulk/Brush Day is available to Robinson residential customers only once a month.
  • It's held the first Saturday of the month, unless a holiday moves it to another Saturday, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • You will need to show your most current water bill.
  • There is a $10 fee per trip.
  • You can drop off items to be chipped or shredded.
  • There is a roll-off bin to drop bulk trash such as carpeting, household furniture, and appliances with CFCs removed. Hazardous waste is not accepted. Hazardous material would be batteries, oil, paint, etc.
  • Tires are NOT accepted.
  • Location: 5158 South 12th Street, Robinson, TX
  • 2024 dates: January 6th, February 3rd, March 2nd, April 6th, May 4th, June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th, November 2nd, December 7th 

Bulk/Brush Dates; January 7, February 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, Septembe
 Bulk Brush Days 2024