Outdoor Burning

Outdoor Burning Acknowledgment

General Requirements for permit: Title 30, Texas Administrative Code 111.201 - 111.221 and City of Robinson Ordinances.

  • Burn permits will only be approved for crop clearing and brush burning.
  • The area around the pile must be cleared of grass and other flammable material.
  • The pile must be at least 300 feet downwind of any structure or sensitive receptor.
  • If smoke from the burn is bothersome to adjoining property owners, the fire shall be put out immediately.
  • On brush burns, the pile may only be tree limbs and brush from the requester’s land.
  • No milled wood or treated lumber is allowed in the pile.
  • Wind speed must be no less than six (6) mph and no more than twenty-three (23) mph.
  • Burning may commence no earlier than one (1) hour after sunrise, and must be extinguished no later than one (1) hour before sunset.
  • The fire must be attended to at all times and extinguished before leaving the site unattended.
  • Written notice shall be turned in for a burn permit no less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to burning.
  • Any person who causes, suffers, allows or permits any outdoor burning must, prior to igniting the burn, contact the city inspection department and give written notice of the intent to burn on the prescribed form.
  • The authority to conduct outdoor burning under this article does not exempt or excuse any person responsible from the consequences, damages, or injuries resulting from the burning, even though the burning is otherwise conducted in compliance with this article and applicable state law.

Exceptions to the requirements under the Outdoor Burning Rule, Title 30, Texas Administrative Code:

  • Warmth
  • Ceremonial
  • Food
  • Recreation

Burn Inspection Important Information:

Burn inspections will only be issued if a burn ban is not in effect. It may take approximately one (1) week for your pile to be inspected. It will be the responsibility of the person conducting the burn to monitor the fire. Permission to burn does not release the owner of the pile from any damages that may be caused by the burning of the pile.

Outdoor Burn Bans

Burn bans are issued based on the determination made by McLennan County. To find whether a burn ban has been issued by McLennan County you can visit their Notice of Burn Bans and/or Disaster Declarations webpage.

Outdoor Burning Application

Please read the General Requirements for Outdoor Burning listed above before completing the Outdoor Burning Application. You can drop the Outdoor Burning Application off with Code Compliance at City Hall or you can fax it to (254) 662-1035 or fill it out online here.

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