Animal Services

It is the intent and purpose of the City of Robinson’s Animal Services to provide a safe and healthy environment within the city for both animals and people. While a person may own and keep animals within the city, the conduct of those animals and the conditions that the animals are kept in should be safe and healthy and should not infringe on the surrounding homes and their inhabitants.

Animal Code Enforcement

It is the duties of the Animal Care (Control) Officer(s) to enforce the provisions of the Animals section of the code of ordinances for the City of Robinson.

Questions, contact our Robinson Animal Care Officer Karl via email at 254-662-0525.

Hindrance of Enforcement or Animal Code Violation

It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with, obstruct, resist or oppose any animal control officer or other person authorized to enforce the provisions of the "animal" code chapter while such person is apprehending an animal or performing any other duties. It shall be unlawful to take or attempt to take any animal from any animal control officer or from any vehicle used by the officer to transport any animal or to take or attempt to take any animal from the animal shelter or other kennel or confinement area used to impound an animal.

 In all instances of a violation of any provision of an animal ordinance, whether the animal is impounded or not, the owner or keeper of such animal may be cited by the animal control officer for any violation listed within the "animals" section.

 Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of "animals" section or any amendment thereto commits a criminal offense (misdemeanor), and upon conviction in municipal court shall be subject to a fine not to exceed the sum of $500.00 for each offense. Each day of violation shall be a separate offense.