Solid Waste Instructions & Service Requirements

  1. Cart Usage
  2. Solid Waste Services Offered
  3. Issuance of Carts
  4. Cart Setout & Collection
  5. Special Collection Assistance for Disabled
  • Only trash goes in the trash cart (green lid). Recycling carts (yellow lid) found with trash will NOT be serviced.
  • Carts will hold up to 175 pounds, please do not overfill carts.
  • Carts are the property of Waste Management but it is the customers responsibility to make sure they are cared for properly. 

Unauthorized Use of Carts

  • Use of carts are only by the person who pays the monthly service charge for collection.
  •  It is illegal to place garbage, trash, rubbish or any article, thing or material in any residential cart unless done so by the person who pays he monthly service charge for solid waste collections. Use by anyone else without permission is prohibited and is considered an offense punishable by a fine not to exceed $2,000. Chapter 11 Section 4 of Solid Waste Ordnance 2018-009.