MyH20 - Digital Water Meters

The new AMI Digital Water Meters is a City of Robinson water utility program designed to improve both customer engagement and utility operations through the implementation of advanced technology.

The technology allows the City of Robinson to better inform customers about their daily water use. Wireless networks that include digital-read-meters, a communications network and data management systems, will provide customers information and opportunities to monitor and reduce their water usage.

Likewise, the utility will improve operational efficiencies in ways that benefit everyone. As the program advances, more services and features will be added.

What can I do with MyH2O?

Once the customer portal is available, MyH2O will give customers:

  • Access to data reflecting their previous day's water usage in hourly increments
  • The ability to set alerts and notifications about usage
  • The ability to detect continuous water flow, in case of a possible leak
  • An upgraded payment system
  • Digital access to join in the city's conservation efforts
  1. Timeline
  2. Advanced Water Meters
  3. Preparing for the New Meter
  4. Schedule

Meter installation began in 2022. Residents will be notified prior to installation. MyH2O meter installation is expected to be completed by Spring 20XX. The City of Robinson will work with its contractor to plan meter change outs. The city will share the deployment once it has been established and mapped out. The meter exchange will take place between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 

Below is a table showing the meter exchange schedule by billing cycle. The schedule is subject to change. Select link to view a map of the installation progress(PDF, 3MB) .

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