Stormwater Pollution Prevention

The purpose of this guidance is to assist the Owner and Operator of a construction activity within the City of Robinson Ordinances. By providing this general guidance, the City is not providing a guarantee of compliance or protection from enforcement under City Ordinances. The Owner and Operator of a construction activity are fully responsible for being familiar with all the ordinance requirements and ensuring their construction activity is in compliance with the City Ordinances and other state and federal regulations that are applicable to the construction activity. Find the city's code on Stormwater Regulations here.

Areas of Soil Disturbed
Submittal Requirements
Less than I acre and the site is not part of a larger common plan of development
Erosion Control Plan
Less than I acre and the site is part of a larger common plan of development outside urbanized area
Erosion Control Plan
Less than I acre and the site is part of a larger common plan of development inside urbanized area
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
1 acre up to less than 5 acresStormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

5 acres and larger

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Coov of NOI filed with the State

Erosion Control Plans for a construction site are measures to prevent sedimentation and debris from going over sidewalks, into streets, gutters, inlets, drainage features, and neighboring properties during construction activities. Contractors and owners are responsible for keeping soil, sediment, and debris contained on the construction site and return soil and sediment to the areas to be stabilized, while properly disposing of debris. Plan of area must show entire site, limits of soil disturbance, location of construction entrance(s), and sediment barriers along the down slope perimeter of the disturbed areas. 

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) include all elements of erosion control plans plus pollution control measures. When a SWPPP is required, the SWPPP Supplement to Permit Application form must accompany the construction and/or building plan submittals in addition to an adequate plan describing and ensuring implementation of practices that will be used to reduce the pollutants in stormwater discharges associated with construction activity at the construction site and assure compliance with the terms and conditions of a TCEQ or EPA stormwater permit. The contents and minimum requirements of a SWPPP can be found in the TPDES General Stormwater Requirements for Construction Activities dated March 5, 2008, or the most recent version as the regulations are updated. When applicable, the Notice of Intent (NOI) sent to the state shall be submitted to the City electronically by emailing