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MYH20 Customer Portal Now Available!

The customer portal is an interactive web-based application used to create easy to read usage charts, graphs, and billing estimates. It provides virtually everything needed to correct current issues and make more informed decisions about future usage and with a customizable interface that highlights important information that can be accessed any time.

This newly installed system allows customers to monitor their water usage more closely through their MyH20 customer portal, allowing them to manage and reduce costs associated with their water bills. 

Benefits of this new technology include:

  • The ability to track water usage and investigate possible leaks or continuous water use such as a running garden hose or leaky water pipe.
  • Precise meter readings and water usage data in near real time, allowing for identification of high usage and suspected leaks.
  • More frequent meter reading, as opposed to monthly readings, which allows you to make necessary adjustments sooner to reduce and manage costs.
  • Improved customer service options including representatives who can guide you through your water usage portal and suggest cost savings tips based on your past usage patterns and trends.

Available Alerts:

  • Billing Cycle Usage 

    Alert me when a meter is using more than a given amount in a billing cycle.

  • Daily Usage
    Alert me when a meter is using more than a given amount in a day.

  • Multi-Day
    Monitor meter usage over 7 days.

  • Vacation Alerts
    Temporarily override your normal daily alert usage.

Setup Your MyH20 Customer Portal

By setting up your MyH20 customer account, you can access your water usage data through your customer web portal on your laptop, tablet or mobile device, putting water usage back in your hands. 

The MyH20 customer portal is web-based, but can be accessed using a mobile device. For the best user experience, Sensus recommends using Chrome as the browser. When accessing the portal from a mobile device, it will display in a mobile version, so it might look and function a little differently.

Security Token and Utility Account Number

You will first have to setup your account to access your MyH20 Customer Portal. In order to setup an account, you will need to create a unique username (your email address) and password to have a secure account login. Before setting up your account, make sure you have your account number on hand. This can be located in the top right-hand section of your bill or within the customer account information portion. A guide and videos are available below to help assist users with setting up their MyH20 account and settings.

When creating an account, it will prompt you for a security token. The Security Token is the street number in the address associated with your utility account.

Access the MyH20 Customer Portal
Guidelines on Setting Up a MyH20 Customer Account, Dashboard, and Alert