Why does this program matter?

Rain washes over everything– including pollutants. Common stormwater pollutants include:
Motor oils and other automotive fluids
Soaps and detergents
Fertilizers, pesticides, and other yard chemicals
Pet waste
Soils and sediment
Yard debris (grass clippings, leaves, etc.)

Once these pollutants get into the storm drain system, they go straight to our local waterways without any treatment and can cause many negative impacts. Some of the harmful chemicals like motor oils, soaps, and pesticides are toxic not only to wildlife but also for our drinking water supply. Fertilizers can support harmful algae blooms. Decaying yard waste and pet waste can deplete the water of oxygen and kill fish. Pet waste also leads to increased bacterial contamination that can make water unsafe for swimming and other recreational activities.

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1. What Does the Stormwater Management Program Do?
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3. Why does this program matter?
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