Why a Rate Study?

Rate studies are performed to ensure the current rates and rate structure provide the revenue needed to recover costs required to operate water and wastewater utility systems. The city acquired services from Raftelis, a third party consultant experienced in helping local governments and utilities improve their financial foundation while minimizing the impact on the people, to conduct the rate study. 

The City occasionally examines water and wastewater rates and structures to ensure we are able to adequately fund water and wastewater utility systems, including all costs associated with operating, maintaining, and expanding utilities. Since 2022, the city has experienced a substantial rise in costs associated with supplies required to operate our utility systems, such as fuel, chemicals, etc. In addition, the city engineer has identified several key projects necessary to ensure we continue running efficiently while meeting current and future demands.

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1. Why a Rate Study?
2. What was Determined by the Study?
3. What is a Rate Structure?
4. What Changes are Being Proposed?
5. When Will These New Rates Take Effect?
6. What are the Proposed Water Rates?
7. What are the Proposed Wastewater Rates?