What Changes are Being Proposed?

Changes to the Water Rate Structure

Fixed Fee:

Lower fixed fees for residential customers to help achieve more affordable rates. New fixed fees for commercial customers to match industry standards. This will help ensure that everyone is paying their fair share.

Volume Charge:

Residential customers volume charges will be moving from two tiers to a four tiers and changing the volume allotted for each tier. This is to encourage wise water use.

Residential water customers who use less than 10,000 gallons will likely experience a decrease in their bills while those who use over 10,000 will probably see an increase. Commercial water customers who are lower water users with smaller meters will more than likely see a decrease in their bill while higher users with larger meters will probably see an increase. 

Changes to the Wastewater Rate Structure

 Fixed Fee:

An increase to the fixed fee for meters 1" are larger, but everything under 1" the fee will stay the same. Removing the wastewater cap for all customers to ensure the city recovers the costs associated with the wastewater system while providing the ability to make necessary investments to infrastructure to ensure it stays functioning. 

Volume Charge:

An increase across the board for all users. However, lower water users will see a lower increase than higher users. 

Bottom line, the more water used, the bigger of an increase customers will see. 

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