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Community News and Events Content Submission Form

  1. Purpose of Content Submission
    The publishing of content and/or event information in the city newsletter and other communication outlets is to allow organizations and persons to notify the public of local events and efforts. The City E-Newsletter is sent on the first of each month. Paper newsletters are mailed with the utility bills and mailed in two sections. The 1st section is mailed on the 1st of each month and the 2nd section is mailed on the 15th of each month. (Holiday's and City Hall closings may affect these dates.)
  2. Guidelines
    •Submission must be sent to the City’s communication team for review and approval 15 days prior to the month’s newsletter it is requested to be published in. However, it is recommended that information is received as early as 30 days prior to help ensure there is space. •If the information is approved the communications team will post it, space permitting. The information may be reduced in size or length if required by the Director. •Posting of an informational notice is in no way an endorsement by the City or its officials of any particular event, cause, organization, or measure.
  3. Items NOT Accepted:
    •Venting frustrations or attacking the character or reputation of others. •Events, rallies or appearances to promote particular candidates running for political office. •Solicitation of donations. (except City sponsored events)
  4. Applicant Information:
    Use this section to provide the person's information that is submitting this event/content, in case we have any questions.
  5. Content/Event Information:
    Use this section to provide event/content information.
  6. Content or Event Type:*
    Using the checkboxes below, check all that apply to your content/event.
  7. Is this a multi-day event?*
  8. Times associated with the event are?*
  9. Example: 6/16 to 6/18 - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 6/19 to 6/20 - 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  10. Is there a Cost for the Event?*
  11. If there is a cost for the event, use this space to list the cost of thevent.
  12. Please provide exactly what you would like to be placed in the newsletter here as this will be copy and pasted verbatim along with any flyer, graphic, or image provided.
  13. Check the month(s) you would like the content/event shared:*
  14. Check communication outlets you would like this shared on:*
    Using the checkboxes, check all of the city communication outlets you would like your content/event shared on.
  15. If you chose for your content/event to be shared on city social media sites you must provide the social media site and handle where this can be shared from. This is to prevent confusion on whom is hosting the event. (Example: FB -@CityofRobinson)
  16. If the event/content is housed on a website please provide that information here.
  17. If you have a graphic, flyer, and/or image created for the event please upload it here. We will do our best to use this for promotional purposes, but may have to modify it in size to fit City publications. Please upload in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, xlsx, .ai, or .indd.
  18. Content/Event Contact Information:
    Use this section to provide the contact information for the person the public can reach out to with any questions or concerns.
  19. If there is not an e-mail address to provide just put n/a.
  20. If there is not a telephone number to provide just n/a. Please note that one or the other must be provided, telephone or e-mail for the contact person.
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