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Hotel Occupancy Tax Report

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  2. Hotel Occupancy Tax Report
  3. CityHotelOccupancyTaxReportInstructions
  4. Enter the trade name contact person.
  5. Report Quarter(s) You Are Filing For
    Choose from the list the quarter(s) you are filing for.
  6. Enter the mailing address (including city, state and ZIP code).
  7. Enter the physical address (including city, state and ZIP code).
  8. Use this area to list any phone numbers, email addresses, and additional contact person, etc. so they may be contacted if needed.
  9. Enter the total amount of room receipts for the physical location shown. Enter "0" if no receipts were collected. REMEMBER: Subtract the total amount of exceptions* from the TOTAL RECEIPTS and enter the result in TAXABLE RECEIPTS. If you have no taxable receipts to report enter "0". DO NOT ENTER EXEMPTIONS/DEDUCTIONS ON THIS REPORT. Exemptions must be detailed on the Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemptions Form and attached to this report.
  10. Enter the amount of TAXABLE receipts for the physical location shown. Enter "0" if no taxable receipts were collected. *Note: the following are exceptions to the tax: *use or possession of a room for at least 30 consecutive days as a permanent residence with no interruption of payment for the period *OR use by a U.S. Federal Government Employee traveling on official business; *OR use by a Diplomatic Personnel with a Tax Exemption Card; *OR use by a State of Texas official presenting a hotel tax exemption card (See Rule 3.161.) State government agencies and their employees (except those state employees with hotel tax ID cards) may NOT claim an exemption for hotel tax.
  11. For total tax due enter 7% of TOTAL TAXABLE RECEIPTS.
  12. Penalty - If the tax is not paid by the last day of the month following the end of the quarterly period in which the tax is earned, add 15% penalty.
  13. Add TOTAL TAX DUE, if there is a 15% PENALTY IF PAST DUE, and then enter sum here. This report MUST be filed even if no tax is due.
  14. Make the total amount payable to City of Robinson
  15. Mail to:
    City of Robinson Finance Department 111 W. Lyndale Ave Robinson, TX 76706
  16. Contact Us
    For assistance contact the Finance Department at (254) 662-1415.
  17. Fillable Forms and Instructions to print are available online at:
  18. By checking this box you declare that the information in this document and any attachments is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. In addition, the tax remitted and paid to the City of Robinson with this report was collected pursuant to the requirements of Ordinance No. 2011-004, City of Robinson Code of Ordinances, as amended.
  19. Duly Authorized Agent
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