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Utility Bill Bank Draft Authorization

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  2. Bank Draft Authorization
    Water Bill
  3. Banking Information
  4. Utility Account Information
  5. A voided check is required to set up this service for verification purposes. The voided check can be uploaded here or you can submit it to the Utility Services Department by emailing or mailing it or bringing it in person to City Hall located at 111 W Lyndale Dr, Robinson, TX 76706 any time during business hours Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. For a list of city observed holiday's visit The bank draft will NOT be authorized until the voided check has been received by the Utility Services Department.

  6. Authorizing City of Robinson to Draft Account*

    By checking the box below, I authorize the City of Robinson to draft my account as detailed above, on the scheduled due date each month for utility services rendered. I understand that in the event that there are insufficient funds at the time of drafting, it will be treated as an Insufficient Check and an additional fee of $25.00 plus the amount of the draft will be payable within 10 calendar days.

  7. Authorizing Draft of Account to Remain in Effect*

    The authority I give to draft my account will remain in effect until I notify the City of Robinson in writing to terminate the service. Likewise, if I change banking institutions I will notify the City in writing.

  8. Note: All personal information is used solely for bank verification purposes and will be kept strictly confidential
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